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Best healthy foods for fat loss, muscle strengthening, and great health

Best healthy food: Water

Simply outstanding. My hometown is Singapore in the tropics and I realize that our tropical climate makes our water demand even higher than usual.

Every other drink is worse, so you really don’t need anything more. Even a low level of dehydration (1{a335201039c8add2e1e30cc0bba7c4951a50b304dba0ec6c901d7ba147c11328} of the body weight lost in sweat) causes big drops in productivity and health. Having water at hand makes it less likely to drink other nonsensical drinks.

Water improves elasticity and quality of muscle tissue. In addition, it lubricates the joints and is good for the health and appearance of the skin. Water supports digestion and is essential for chemical processes at the cellular level. Regular drinking will help prevent excessive consumption of cold water and even the burning of several calories a day (which in the long term results in the summation of the calories).

Wise action, proper water consumption will reduce cramps. My experience shows that the key element in the prevention of cramps in my athletes during competitions is not fancy sports supplements or magic food.

Irrigation is the key. Colorful urine is unbearable for any of my guys. Once they learn how effective this simple strategy is, I don’t have to record anymore. Take water with you everywhere and drink constantly. More breaks for pee breaks are a decent compromise for the huge amount of water benefits. Take a bottle with you everywhere. Uh….a bottle is a water bottle, so you’re reminded to drink enough, the situation in the toilet will have to be found out for yourself. Water definitely makes the best healthy food (well, this is a beverage) list.

Best healthy food: Animals

I know, most people call it meat. However, I want to make it clear that you really have to see that the meat comes from a natural, not a processed source, and that is why it is worth thinking of meat as an animal. If you see a piece of chicken, you can imagine that it was once a living, breathing animal. It is harder to do when you see chicken crackers or chicken sausages that are much worse than the actual chicken piece.

Get lean pieces of meat. Animal fat is saturated and gets these dreaded heart complications if you eat too much of it. Lean pieces of meat are really a great source of protein. Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, deer, ostrich. Yup all good. If possible go to grass-fed or “free-range” meat because they have a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. But if it is too expensive for unavailable, it’s not its end of the world. Get regular meat and replenish the proportions through healthy omega-3 fats such as fish oils and linseed.

Best healthy food: Eggs

The highest quality source of protein. Minimum saturated fat content (only 1.5 g per egg compared to 10-15 g per hamburger patty). I can’t believe that there are even doctors and nutritionists who tell us 2 eggs a week that all our bodies can handle. Parents say “no children’s eggs, they are dangerous”, but let’s go to a quick service restaurant and eat threefold hamburgers patty size jumbo…it’s hard to figure out, but it happens all the time. Did you know that the saturated fat in one hamburger patty is equal to that in 8-10 eggs?

Personally, I eat on average about 6 eggs a day. Whenever I take a blood test, my good cholesterol is high and my total cholesterol level is at the low end of the norm. Eggs….. They are fantastic!

The best healthy food: Nuts

A high content of monounsaturated fats. This means less heart disease, faster metabolism, and better testosterone levels. The nuts are also rich in fiber and have a really good taste. Keep away from fried, oiled or salted. Get them raw and toast them yourself. They taste great and are a great healthy snack. Different nuts have different proportions of different types of fat, so eat different types. Macadamia, almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios – all good.

Natural peanut butter is included in this category. Get those from supermarkets where they shred nuts for you on the spot. A small increase in costs is probably worth noting when compared to artificially coated, artificially fatty nut butter loaded with ordinary peanut butter.

Best healthy food: Olive oil

It is also an excellent source of healthy fat. Olive oil raises good cholesterol, contains vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and is a good salad dressing. What you don’t like.

Best healthy food: Fruit and vegetables

Carbohydrates have got a bad rap since the time of the super low carbohydrate content of the Atkins diet, which is still recommended.

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